La Main Gaspard Sur Ma Cuisse
10:51 PM

I can’t even take the garbage out but they want me to live.

3:30 PM

Everyone’s out taking risks, making their own decisions and going against their household rules and I’m just here doing what other people say is best for me. Other people. For me.

7:24 AM

Last exam of freshman year in two hours.

11:34 PM

the more I drink, the more irresistible you become 

11:00 PM

I’m a piece of shit. A waste of space. I can’t believe I didn’t even say good-bye to you…

10:34 PM

I keep on hoping for the future but there’s really no point. The future just holds the same sort of things. But worse things because there’s always the hope that dies as each past future moment crushes into the present.

10:47 PM

running into someone’s embrace when you’re looking for a hug….that is what I yearn for 

10:19 PM

i’m letting you waste me away…

4:48 PM

It never fails to take me by shock how someone that you would die to talk to, touch, look at, love, hate, yell, kiss, love, and love even more, can be within arm’s length and yet seem so far away….

11:48 PM

It’s not better. It’ll never be.

12:05 PM

I’ve given up on working to prove you wrong. I’m gonna do it to make him proud.

2:04 PM

There she was. Waiting for kindness from strangers 

1:07 PM

That’s why life was so dark…it took more effort and energy to be lit. 

10:52 PM

If only I didn’t care…

Cute Black Cigarette Box