La Main Gaspard Sur Ma Cuisse
10:18 PM"It saddens me how killing yourself can be so easy and staying alive can be the hardest thing in this world. What if it was the opposite…. there would be so many happy souls."

— Alexa Evangelista, journal (via vodkakilledtheteens)
10:16 PM"What happens to the whispers we forget to voice?"

— Inkskinned (via inkskinned)

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10:16 PM"My mouth is a fire escape.
The words coming out
don’t care that they are naked.
There is something burning in there.

— Andrea Gibson, The Madness Vase (via observando)

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Marianne Faithfull, 1967
10:15 PM"i learned that people can easily forget that others are human."

— "prisoner" from the stanford prison experiment (1971)

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10:10 PM"Don’t promise when you’re happy,
Don’t reply when you’re angry and
Don’t decide when you’re sad.

— athea (via invhale )

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10:09 PM"Nothing kills you like your mind"

— Unknown (via inxpressive)

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9:11 PM"You drink like you have to forget something."

— The saddest shit ever said. (via dvadeset-sedmi-august)

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