La Main Gaspard Sur Ma Cuisse
10:42 PM"You will meet a tall dark stranger and he will fuck your shit up.
We don’t know why, some kind of cosmic joke.
It is terrifying how little you will be able to control yourself.
The bills will go unpaid. There will be flies in the kitchen.
A smile will insist on flirting with your lips. Too much
of a good thing will chew you up and swallow you whole.
The moon is in your house and has nothing to say
about all your nonsense. Now may be a good time to go
on a long journey. The stars think you need to clear your head.
The stars think you need to run.

— Your Latest Horoscope, Clementine von Radics (via clementinevonradics)

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Maybe that was what death feels like
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10:29 PM"But nobody ever forgot anything, not really, though sometimes they pretended, when it suited them. Memories were permanent. Sorrowful ones remained sad even with the passing of time, yet happy ones could never be recreated - not with the same joy. Remembering bred its own peculiar sorrow. It seemed so unfair: that time should render both sadness and happiness into a source of pain."

— Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance (via larmoyante)

Janis Ancens by Kacper Kasprzyk, Man About Town
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that awkward moment when you like the teacher that everyone hates

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9:16 PM"I buy my own flowers now."


How I knew I was starting to get over you #2

6 Word Story

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Cute Black Cigarette Box